Contact Information

Address: 27 Cantonment Rd, Singapore 089745 

For Americas and Europe: George Gale
Telephone: 212-759-1480


Asia-Pacific and Middle East: Jim Weinrauch
Telephone: 65 8118 1142


Naphtha Information Services, Pte Ltd is a private firm based in Singapore offering consulting services for petroleum naphtha and condensate to the refining, petrochemical and trading industries. 

NIS is a full-service practice dedicated to worldwide commerce in naphtha, condensate, and related commodities.  Our analysis extends from daily market activity to long-term forecasting and commercial-oriented advise on specific feedstock-related investments.  We proudly present our weekly report on the East and West markets, Naphtha International.  This widely respected industry standard, delivered electronically to worldwide clients by the start of business each Monday of the year, provides complete coverage and analysis of the prior week’s trade and a view on near-term developments and direction. 

NIS offers a series of multi-client studies and remains available to conduct a range of single client assignments and advisory work.